Thursday, July 23, 2009

U Life Resumes...

A new semester - new faces (the naive, innocent juniors), old friends, newly-made friends, old luggage from previous semesters (basically the never-ending society stuff), and best of subjects.

History and Philosophy of Psychology

Yawn. Zzz. Yeah, right. Not with the lecturer I got this sem, thankfully.

The philosophical part:

Lecturer shows a slide with a picture of a big, black circle.

"So, can anyone tell me what colour this is?"
Black, duh.
"Very good. How do you know its black?"
Sheesh. Through experience, learning, bla bla bla...roll eyes at the lecturer.
"Hmm...but how is your definition of black different from your friend's definition of black?" (With a big, wide grin on her face)
Blank stares. WTH?!

Why on earth do philosophers find philosophy interesting??? Do enlighten me.

The historical part:

"Why do we study history?"
Easy. To know our roots, learn lessons from the past so that we won't repeat the same mistakes, bla bla bla...
"Yeah, but the past is past, right? What's the point of learning about all these dead people?"
Tell me about it. I'm sure every single student has asked themselves that question each time they flip open the cover page of their History textbook back in high school.
"Think about it. I'll give you an analogy - when you want to marry someone, you have to know that person's history first, right? How many brothers/sisters he/she has, how many past relationships he/she has been involved in, and the cause of the break-up. And why do you do this? 'Coz you'll be investing your future with this guy/girl, so you have to dig up his/her history."
Hmm. When she put it that way, it does sound logical and pretty interesting.
"So how can we relate that with the history of psychology, or any other science for that matter? Because, although the people are dead, their ideas still live on."
Hence the reason we are all sitting in classrooms and slugging away over our textbooks and assignments - to study the "living" ideas of the dead.


aisyah said...

waaa.. best nyee.. sounds fun! *envy*

"ideas are bulletproof" -V

Azhar Abdullah said...

Been long since I saw you in the sphere...All the best

Anonymous said...

nice methods of learning.....cheers!

Little Bookworm said...

Kak Aca - Hehe...boleh la fun tu. Dhla masa lec divide ktorg into groups, dia bg nama bapak group members je (eg nama i jd NS Azman)...gile betul nk cari! Hehe. Tp the "envy" part...i think terbalik kot. I'm still doing my degree!! Org lain dh masters n phd dh...mcm org tu kn. Hehe. Haih.

Pak Ndak - Tu la...mende yg nk tulis byk sgt, tp takde masa lg. Huhu. Thanks...Sorry lama tak drop by ur blog. Hu.

sarilhafiz - thanks 4 the semangat! ;)

aisyah said...

no lah... the envy part still i envy u!! :P

master/phd xde pe pn for me.. degree la time nk bersuka ria.. u'll know dat feeling someday.. so, hv lots lots of fun now!!! :D

Little Bookworm said...

Owh, itu ke yg u envy i. Hehe...okay then, mmg i tgh njoy puas2 b4 grad ni. cuma da smpai tahap yg "bila laaaaa nk hbs..?!" Tp tgk u guys yg postgrad pn cm best je life..tu yg i envy u. haha :D

aisyah said...

haha.. mmg akan rase cam tu.. bile nk abis bile nk abis.. even now pn rase camtu.. :P so, lps abis ni.. u're going to cont wit master isit? ;)

Anonymous said...

Nicely put. The ideas live on. Your ideas, o Little Bookworm, will live on forever.

Little Bookworm said...

Anonymous: TQ so much for the inspiring have definitely rekindled my longing to start blogging again. (one day soon, hopefully). :D

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