Friday, June 26, 2009

Vampires and Werewolves

Ahhh...the main reason behind my silence. The Twilight Saga makes an excellent form of escapism - it still takes place in the real world, but the story provides an escape from reality. For me, anyway. I can read and re-read these books over and over and never get bored! Sigh.

I'd better stop typing...this is not the review yet!


aisyah said...

waaaaa... i cant wait 4 the review.. i just finished twilight.. xbeli2 lg d other 3 books.. cpt2! i wanna read the review.. :D :D

Little Bookworm said...

Weehee...actually kan kak aca, u can read the review at wikipedia or stephenie meyer's official website. Tapi if u still want to wait for my review...hehe, i'm so honoured! :-D Tapi best kn twilight?!

BTW, i baru tgk confessions of a shopaholic hari tu.! geram betul tgk dia lalu the YSL boutiques sume!! the movie mcm combine buku shopaholic manhattan n buku confessions eh? offense, tapi the book is still way better. hehe. :p

aisyah said...

semua pn review ckp best.. just wanna read ur version.. ;) twilight best!!! i want edward cullen of my own too.. edward cullen + luke brandon.. wahhahahaha.. tamak haloba.. :D

best kn shopaholic? rase cam nk shopping nonstop je.. :D of coz the book wayyy much better than the movie.. we laugh we cried wit becky.. hehe.. :P

Little Bookworm said...

Owh, gitu yea...dont worry, i will be very jujur in my review. Hehe. Kak aca...u already have ur Edward Cullen + Luke Brandon = ur very own You Know Who!! Lucky la tu! Hehe. :D

btw, ada buku baru tau nnt, tajuk Midnight Sun...its actually buku Twilight, tapi written from Edward's version. I read the 1st chapter (ada kat meyer's website), best gile2. Seriously! :D

aisyah said...

yeahhhh.. i just finish chap 1 of the book.. i cant wait for it to come out.. interesting.. :D :D

my very own edward + luke.. i wish!! i guess You-Know-Who is ok.. haha.. me being ungrateful.. :P

Aishah said...

yela kak long, hurry up with the review, i thought you've planned it for ages!

midnight sun is absolutely brilliant!! it makes me wonder- when's my own edward cullen gonna come along? ;)

Little Bookworm said...

Kak Aca - hehe...we all want what we can't have. sigh.

Sha - Hoowhee...u finally left a comment on my blog!!! :D Yup, mmg its all planned out in my head, tp i don't hv time yet to sit down n type it. Huhu. And yep...I really2 hope Stephenie will finish Midnight Sun!! Hehe.

aisyah said...

yup.. i 2nd dat.. we all want wat we cant hv.. n we'll only appreciate wat we hv once its gone.. human never get enuf of anything kn.. hohoh.. :P

Little Bookworm said...

Maka dgn itu, appreciate lah Mr. You-Know-Who u tu...Hehe! :D

tp betul in Shopaholic, we want all the branded clothes n makeup! HP - nk the magic to make life easier. Haih. cm dpt idea utk new post plak. haha

aisyah said...

dont forget.. dlm twilight.. the undying devotion and love from the very hansome vampire.. wahahahahha.. n being immortal.. :P

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“A good book is the best of friends, the same today and forever.”
- Martin Tupper