Friday, November 14, 2008

Oh. My. God.

Okay, so I was watching some videoclips at Youtube with my youngest sister when I decided to check my gmail. I saw that someone by the name of Phillipa had dropped a comment, and my heart started to beat a little faster. Could it be...?? No, why would she?? I opened the email, screamed, and refreshed my blog. Screamed again. Yes!! It's her!!

"Her" would be Phillipa Ashley, the author of Wish You Were Here which I have just reviewed. Oh my god, I am still (pleasantly) shocked, stunned and definitely thrilled that she dropped me a comment, let alone the fact that she noticed that someone did a review of her book. I would like to extend my gratitude and a million thank-yous to Ms. Phillipa Ashley for making a reader happy. I know I probably sound like a demented and desperate fan, but I don't care. Nothing can spoil my day today! :-D

Updated Later:

A million thanks to Ms. Phillipa Ashley for putting the link to my blog review in her blog. Need I mention again how thrilled I am?? ;-)


Phillipa said...

Hey there

It's me - and I'm just a very ordinary person you know! Nothing - but nothing - thrills an author more than a real reader enjoying her books and if someone take sthe time to make anice comment, that's fantastic.

Happy reading!

Phillipa x

bubu said...

Hehe. Really a pleasure to witness such a thing. An actual author who actually managed to reach a blog who reviewed her book. Humble salutations for you ms./mrs. Phillipa.

Thebookworm - Am happy to u too. Keep on spending your nothing-will-ruin-my-day day, okay? :)

Little Bookworm said...

Oh my god!!! Is there a word to describe being beyond happy?? LOL. Actually, I'm honoured that an author took the time to drop a comment. So thanx soooo much!

Little Bookworm, Malaysia. xo

Little Bookworm said...

Sham - thank you, I'm so so happy!! Hahaha. macam jakun je pulak! :-P

pulasan007 said...

okay,now i'm startin to freak out...c'mon,it just cant be her...hehe..just phillipa,thank you for making my 'litlle friend' here happy...seeing her happy like this is like taking a walk in a park in spring... :)have you ever been to Malaysia phillipa?

Little Bookworm said...

Tu la, org ckp awl2 tadi tanak caye!! Haha...thanx for finally dropping me a comment too even though u're bz. Saje tanak re comment kt ur blog, tgh mogok. Hehe. Tgh ol ke?

Azhar Abdullah said...

Waa...beruntung la Kak Long...see...itu untungnya banyak reading kan..hehe..

BTW sori tak dapat pegi rumah tadi ye...

Little Bookworm said...

hehe..thank you pak ndak!! tu la..rasa berbaloi je duk wt mende ni. tp takpe, kalau dh minat tu sume mende berbaloi. ;-)

takpe la, takde rezeki kot jmp kali ni...tak dpt jmp Azen. huhu. n you all sume la jgk..hehe. don't work too hard! ;-)

Phillipa said...

Hello. It's me again and I don;t want to crash your guys' blog party again but just wanted to say I haven't been to Malaysia but I'd love to. I've been to the USA and the Caribbean and Europe but never travelled east. There is so much of the world I'd like to see.

If any of you are on Facebook why not come and add the Little Black Dress authors as friends or join the LBD group? There are a lot of Malaysian LBD fans who drop by and say hello to us and chat to each other.

Little Bookworm said...

Hi Ms. Phillipa,

Don't worry, you're not crashing anything coz ur comments are always welcome! ;-) You've travelled quite a lot then. I've been to the UK back when I was a kid (I'm 22 yrs old now), and we lived in Loughborough. That's kind of far from Staffordshire, right? Do inform us (via your blog) if you're coming here.

Unfortunately, I'm not on Facebook...yet. Thanks for telling me though! I'll definitely do that when I join. :-)

“A good book is the best of friends, the same today and forever.”
- Martin Tupper