Tuesday, December 30, 2008

For My Uncle

While going through some personal stuff, I found a very familiar-looking Hunchback of Notre Dame notebook which contained several short stories I wrote as a child when I was in England and many other childhood scribbles. But I wanted to post this short story because this was how I got the notebook in the first place. This is dedicated to my uncle, Pak Ndak.


Thursday 24th October.

A wonderful evening

When we came home from school, Aishah found that she had a new Postman Pat Lunchbox. And then, Ayah gave us each a halloween sweet on stick. After that, Ummi said, "And this is the best of all." And she took out a packet that had 3 'renda hair bobble'. They were very nice. After we've prayed and eaten, we said 'thank you' and ate our halloween sweets. They were ever so delicious! And then Ummi and Ayah went out for parents' evening. We played tunnels with Pak Ndak and then he said, "I've got a surprise for you." He went to the corridor and came back with three Hunchback of Notre Dame stationary set. There was a ruler, rubber, pencil sharpener, pencil case and book in each of the pack. We said, "Thank you." When Ummi and Ayah came home, we showed them what Pak Ndak gave us.


Unfortunately, I didn't write the year I wrote this, but it was the time my uncle came to visit us in England. He was studying in Medina at that time. I remember we had great fun playing with him and showing him our favourite places. Do you still remember this Pak Ndak? ;)


Azhar Abdullah said...

It was 1996, somewhere around September or October...and actually I just finished my study there and reroute my way back home to UK...

Of course I remember dearest Kak Long, I even keep those photos while I was there with you girls...

Tak sangka Kak Long simpan lagi the notebook...it's been 13 years...wow...I'm old!!Arghh...:D

Suria Azhar said...

eventually u admit it.. you're getting old,dear..

Little Bookworm said...

Pak Ndak, sorry for the late reply. tak smpt nk online. huhu. mst la simpan, kira mcm old relics la tu. byk personal memories in there. hehe. wow, so i was 10 yrs old la ek masa tu. ktorg paling igt time2 yg ktorg pijak2 pak ndak atas nama mengurut. hehe. pastu main2 terowong la. bestnya zaman kecik2, happy je. adoi.

Pak Ndak & Mak Ndak - takpe...biar usia tua, tapi muka and jiwa muda! hehe.

“A good book is the best of friends, the same today and forever.”
- Martin Tupper