Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Paradise City

I've just finished another favourite novel - Paradise City by Lorenzo Carcaterra.

This book is just so full of action, street shoot-outs and thick New York accents. Of course, it was written by another of New York Times' bestselling author, who was also the writer/producer of the TV series Law & Order. His other bestselling novel is Sleepers, which was then adapted into a movie.

Paradise City is about an Italian cop, Giancarlo Lo Manto whose father was shot to death by the Camorra, a gangster mob similar to the Mafia in Italy, when he was just 15 years old. His mother then moved him and his sister to Naples, Italy where he soon discovered that the Camorra was just as active as in Naples as they were in New York. He became a cop so that he could avenge his father's death by bringing down the Camorra.

Gian is not the average cop - when he was initially assigned to the street patrol unit, he made friends with the homeless, hookers and pickpockets. He bent the law to suit his needs and soon built a vast network of information. His street eyes would drop him info on the latest (drug) drop spot or any Camorra-related crime which he would then act upon, putting big dents and causing big losses to the Camorra organization.

The current Camorra don, Pete Rossi, is getting angrier and frustrated with Gian, so he hatches a plan to finish Gian off once and for all. When Gian's niece goes missing in New York City, Gian cancels a much-needed vacation in Capri and arranges for a temporary assignment with the New York Police Department. He is partnered with Jennifer Fabini, a gifted officer with her own personal problems. Although Gian isn't the type to work with partners, he soon develops a respect for Jennifer as she is fearless and knows how to use her cop instincts. Together, they find out that the disappearance of Gian's niece is actually a kidnap plan to use her as a bait to lure Gian back to New York - permanently. In the end, Gian will have to face up to his number one enemy...but there are many twists and surprises along the way, including a dash of romance.

I just love the way Gian goes about the New York streets to find out the latest happening or info from his insiders. He also utilizes his street sense and cop instincts, and is always on the alert whenever a couple of shooters are hiding out, waiting to shoot him down. The climax of this book is definitely the last shoot-out which takes place in the middle of the street in broad daylight, involving 4 top shooters, Gian, Jennifer, and the surprising appearance of Pete Rossi.


Azhar Abdullah said...

Haaa..baca macam ni nampak la macam dah besar sikit...hehe...

Little Bookworm said...

Hehe...thanks Pak Ndak! Tak sempat lg la nk review grisham or sidney sheldon. dorg tu lg dewasa sket. hehe. kak long dh kt uia ni...dh start sem baru dah. huhu.

Along said...

I've been reading some of your last posts and they make me wanna go out and go crazy at MPH. Hahaha, unfortunately due to the fuel hike I've had to cut down on my book purchasing.

Been wanting to buy The Shopaholics set because the books look like so much fun. Baloi tak?

Little Bookworm said...

Hi along, thanx so much for dropping by. Yes, the Shopaholics set are definitely worth it! Based on what I've read on your blog, I think it might be your type of book too. But just drop by Sophie Kinsella's website and read an excerpt, just in case. The four books in the photo I uploaded are the best ones because they show the main events in Becky's life - boyfriend, marriage, sister and baby.

Do update me if you decide to read it. I'll feel that my efforts of reviewing books are worthwhile doing.

Thanks again! :-D

nadya said...

kak long!

this book mcm best!~ nak cari la kt MPH, ke..kak long nak bg kak aby pinjam?theeeheehehe!!

Little Bookworm said...

Ehee...mmg best kak abby! buku tu kat rumah bila yg boleh pass ye?? Tapi if kak abby nk beli sendiri pun lg best...bcoz best sgt repeat buku ni. mmg berbaloi kalau beli. ktorg beli kt mph..rasanya ada lg kot. :-P

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