Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Final Exam!!

Okay, due to my upcoming final exam, I will not be posting anything yet. I guess my next post will be when I'm at home. Can't wait to go home!! Oopss..do the exam first. Guess I'll be reading Arabic texts and words these next few days. walakin, al-an ana aktab fi al-lughah al-injliziyah lianna ana la 'arif kaifa aktab fi al-'arabiya (But, now i'm writing in the English Language coz I don't know how to write in Arabic). Forgive the Arabic errors kay. Hehe.

Let's hope I can answer as well as the 2 kids at the back, instead of being as clueless as the boy in the front, insya-Allah.
Wish me luck then!

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Azhar Abdullah said...

Nice Kak Long...Kalau Kak Long nak any tips on blogging and the tricks..see here..
Pak Ndak banyak belajar kat situ..
Didn't I told u Italy akan kalah??Even with penalty shootout..hehe...
Kak Long tolong email to Pak Ndak ur email address..nak invite for Hj Shafie Group..

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